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In 1977, Elisa Alberto laid the foundation of the then Mulberry Bush Schoolfor Nursery, Kinder and Preparatory in the confine of her garage in Twinville Subdivision, Concepcion, Marikina. In 1982, together with Eleazardo S. Kasilag andAntonio U. Biteng, they expanded into elementary in an additional 230 square meter lot. After eight years, Mrs. Elisa I. Alberto sold her share to Mr. Kasilag and Mr. Biteng who, as partners, joined venture to continue the management.

After the purchase, the management under Kasilag andBiteng, constructed three rooms to give all grades from Grade1 – Grade 6 their permanent classrooms. In 1991, the duo bought a house erected on a 210 square lot, did a little renovation which served as the administration building. Unfortunately, Mr. Biteng passed away in 1992.

The death of Biteng led to the sale of his family’s share to Mr. Kasilag in 1992. In the year 1995, another building was erected to introduce computer course to the school which made the school a pioneer in giving computer course to graders in Marikina. Other schools had their computer in high school.

Mr. Kasilag, now the sole owner, expanded the school to secondary level. This necessitated the changing of the name from Mulberry Bush School to ST. NICHOLAS SCHOOL of Marikina, Incorporated.

In 2002, the school purchased a 338 sq.m. lot in Fairlane Subd., adjacent from Twinville, and constructed four story building for the elementary---now the SNS ANNEX---leaving Twinville, as SNS MAIN, for the use of the high school students. SNS elementary and Secondary are recognized by the Department of Education and are now Wi-Fi zones.

Presently, ST. NICHOLAS SCHOOL boast of limited number of pupils to pave for personalized training in a strategic location where tight security of students is guaranteed in a noise and pollution free- environment and sits as the head of 96 private schools in Marikina known as Marikina Private School Administrators Association (MARIPRISA) and theFederation of Associations of Private School & Administrators (FAPSA) in Metro Manila since 1998. [[Category:ST. NICHOLAS SCHOOL VISION--II. A. SNS VISION and TENETS SNS VISION St. Nicholas School of Marikina guarantees empowerment to the vital role of the students in their respective communities. It shall develop future leaders; garbed in esprit de corps among themselves for responsible existence. Assuring academic excellence as God-fearing students, well-molded in refined discipline, thus, harnessing their potentials to become peace-loving individuals SNS STUDENT’S CONCEPT OF LOYALTY If you are enrolled in St. Nicholas School, in heaven’s name, feel proud of this school; speak well of this institution and stand by its vision. Remember – an ounce of loyalty is worth more than a pound of cleverness. If you must growl, condemn and eternally find fault, why—leave SNS and when you are on the outside, damn to your heart’s content. But as long as you are part of this institution, do not condemn it. If you do, the first high wind that comes along will blow you away and probably you will never know why.]] [[Category:SCHOOL PHILOSOPHY ---B. SCHOOL PHILOSOPHY We all practically started groping and drifting in the dark. Our mothers fished us out and on their laps we learned the rudiments of ABC; and with innocent minds and wondering eyes, we came into this world in pursuit of education. All of us learned from our beloved mothers. It is this concept that we want to capture in St. Nicholas School. We froze the Mother and Child philosophy to ever remain personal, Direct and motherly in our approach in molding and re-molding students in the fashion which mothers designed for us. Was it not Teodora Alonzo who taught Rizal---then was only three Years old---and became our National Hero? ]]

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